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TeamWorks therapy really works for my daughter, Claire!

Claire was diagnosed to have ASD on Nov 2008. As parents, we were both in denial to accept it at first. Every time we would mingle with our daughter, we would show her a mask of happiness in our face, but deep inside we were very much torn apart and depressed. As Claire goes to sleep at night, it’s the time we would remove our mask and shed our tears. We literally experienced what it feels like to have “ the world failing down to us”.

After the denial stage, we were ready to face the truth and try every therapy that we would read in the books. We consulted several doctors who advised us to have OT and Speech therapy. Claire improved but we knew it was not enough.

Luckily, we met a very special friend in Claire’s school. She unselfishly shared and taught us everything. Biomeds, GFCF and gave us a referral to TeamWorks for ABA. She told us that it worked very well with his son. And we saw the living proof, his 5 year old son, standing in front of us, very well behaved, talking confidently and with good eye contact. As if nothing happened! At first, we envy her.

As any parent, we would like our child to improve like that. So we started Claire on GFCF, Biomeds and ABA immediately. We’re very happy to announce to everyone that my daughter had begun talking and even now telling us what she wants and needs. She was able to talk a few months after therapy. We never thought she would reach this stage for we just formally started ABA last Jan 2009. When we started Claire had ZERO word. No eye contact, had several stims, and COULD NOT even sit on her chair for a minute. But now, Claire can sit on her chair for minutes reading her favorite books, she could obey simple commands and could look straight into our eyes and could even say Daddy / Mommy I LOVE YOU. How rewarding!

We learned that no matter how our child is improving every single day, it’s a genuine joy! Appreciate. Don’t rush. Be thankful.

Looking back, we’ve already gone a long way but we’ve grown stronger to face the future with Claire confident that TeamWorks is by our side. Now we no longer have to wear a mask but a true face of happiness in front of Claire. Just as our dearest friend who had unselfishly shared her blessings to us; now it’s our time to share our blessings to the world as we found not just our therapists in TEAMWORKS, but friends and family as well. We are really very grateful to this TEAM for bringing hope and happiness back in our family. Your therapy really WORKS!

- Mommy Michelle and Daddy Carlo



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