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  Autism Society of the Philippines


Angels Walk for Autism


“No other walks comes close… to an angels heart”

Be an angel. Take a Walk

by Rea Tiu

Everyone views an angel as someone who wears white clothes with white beautiful wings and a halo on top of their head, but last January 24 year 2010 ordinary people with extraordinary heart gathered in one place to unfold their wings.

The event was held at SM Mall of Asia, with no registration fees and open to the public; the only requirement is a “walker” with angelic hearts for people with Autism.

The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) has been doing the large scale walk since 2007 and up until now they did not only refer this event to individuals with autism; in fact they aim to raise awareness to other people and to advocates as well. This is because, like what Dand U. Koe said in Angel Talks in Manila Bulletin, “it takes an angel to embrace a child with autism.”

To start the event, a warm up exercise was held led by fitness professionals, followed by a short program with opening remarks and messages from their special guests. The walk was led by Autism Society of the Philippines (ASP) National officers and representatives from ASP Luzon Chapters. Guests also enjoyed live performances by Persons With Autism (PWAs) showcasing their singing and dancing abilities.

SM played an important role in this event since 2009. Malling is a way of life for Filipinos, but it is not easy for some families who have special children to deal with it. It needs preparations because of their children’s impairment to understand and adapt to the new environment that may lead to inappropriate behaviors.

SM provides understanding and shows compassion for their special customers who may not have physical disability requiring special ramps and comfort rooms, but needs all the understanding and compassion they could get by building barrier-free and safe environment. These refers for the ones that need greater understanding, the ones that need our eyes, our ears, our legs, our minds and our strengths, and most importantly our hearts as what Ms.Annie Garcia, president of SM Management Corporation said.



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